Friday, March 24, 2017

Island Escape Tourist Tales

This kit was HUGE
I am still working with it!
I feel pretty good about getting the CUBA 2014 photos scrapbooked!
Remember I robbed the inside of this one? The opening is covered now, and this paper has done double duty!
This double page is not the prettiest layout. It does however tell a 'vacation' story that needs to be told. We must look like shady folk. Because we are often approached to buy something on the sly. Steve is always up for an adventure. I tend to hang back. That is what this layout tells the story of!
You can see that the paper combination is pretty, but just a little to contrasting. And the photos for this layout are very busy. In order to bring it all together I assembled just the background sheets. NOTE: the basket weave paper is one sheet, cut in half along the center weave line, then the dark brown cardstock. The blue cardstock is just the joiner strip.
I used a roller to apply the gesso to the stamp. Remember, you are building a background, so just stamp at will. NOTE: Clean your roller and stamp as soon as you are done stamping. You might want to use a soft toothbrush.  If you cannot do this immediately, make sure to pop them into a bucket of water to soak. The gesso will dry quickly if you do not!
 I challenged myself to use some of the Washi tape from this kit

I secured all the photos down with glue, then used washi tape on all the corners to make it look like I just grabbed them at random and taped them on.

This is the journal inset.
NOTE: Washi tape can be selective as to what it sticks to. Test for grab first! If it is easy release, you can use it to reposition pieces you are not sure of!
A girl can always dream of a Beach Wedding
The title for this one is in the photos.

Marry Me - Again - Here 

This was a photo of an actual gazebo on the beach. It had a bright red {ugly} roof. So, I decided to cover it with white paper....and why stop there?
Next I dug out the tulle. Did some strategic cutting. Not all the way through so I could gather glue and stapele it at the top. Then punched holes with a pin. Secured the top tulle with wire that twists over the tulle, then through the holes and is glued on the back.
I used a scrap of wire that I made a loop with. Then fed the two open ends through the tiny holes and pulled the cord through to the back side. Then reversed and pulled the tiny ties through to the front so I could twist and tie the tulle down. NOTE: I added a drop of clear glue to each double knot so they won't come undone.
  But wait...I'm not done yet!
How about a Paper Bag Album just for fun?
I started out with several 'old car' photos. I didn't like the backgrounds. So, I decided I would cut the distractions off and mount them to some of the many ocean photos. I think you will agree the results were worth all the fussy cutting!
Cover page with 2 photos cut and pasted together. Using some of the embellishments from the sticker sheet and ephemera pack.
The hanging tags are for the  year make and models of the cars. Will have to wait for my DH to tell me that information!
At the market

This teal number was right in my wheel house of colors. You can see I cut that tourist lady right out!! She could see I was trying to take a photo, but walked right in front of me....Sigh.
Classic blacks!
Brand new white!

The options available for us tacky tourists.
On the back cover.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Island Escape continues

I am at 10 pages on this kit, and still have more to work with. Seriously terrific value in Selena's kits!
These poor little peacock's at the resort were the saddest I have ever seen. 
They had very few of their signature feathers left. I am not sure if that was done on purpose, to stop the tourists molesting them, or if they were clipped, or if they were sick. It did seem too evenly done to be an accident.
NOTE: The photos of the peacocks had very busy backgrounds. So, I decided to fussy cut them to highlight the birds better.
I decided to beef up the sand image in on the paper with:
Use a dauber to swipe large areas, alternate with TH Distress sandy powders and a heat gun.
For this layout, I 'PPG' the inside of the emboss basket weave. It can be difficult to scrapbook busy, colorful flower photo's. I cut mine into 3 x 3 inch squares to form one solid display. Then re-matted the one I wanted to highlight. 'The Hibiscus' of course!
Tips for this one:
I used the word strip to form the journaling. First thing I did was secure it to a thin piece of double sided tape. That way, it is fast to cut and glue to the journal card. The jangles along the lower edge is beaded ribbon from the stash. with Washi tape over the ribbon.
Close-up of the journal grouping and finishing details.
This one was done using only two sheets of paper, a lot of clip, and flip flop!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 10, 2017

Chasing Fairies!

Spring will come and with it, the fairies:
This was on my front door, between the panes of glass. I am sure it is a frost fairy tree.....
Have you seen these tiny Dancing Faerie Die?
Of course I nabbed them as soon as Selena got them in! I am just getting around to playing with them. I was thrilled with the way they cut so perfect and delicate. NOTE: As soon as I cut each fairy, I ran them through the Xyron tiny sticker maker. This insures I have each fairy and her wings ready to use and securely in one place. You might want to cut double wings. If you are using a pattern paper and want them on opposite sides of your fairy  then reverse your paper before you run it through to cut the second wing.
{note photos below}
I love to make ATC's. {double wing fae}
This pack has the gorgeous samples on the cover sheet to show you what is inside. They cut up into a perfect ATC size.
I used a glue pen and glitter for the wings as well as sparkle highlights. Then I cut some word phrase compilations out of a book I keep for just that purpose!
The left hand ATC is a playing around background scrap. The other is the Fall paper off of the pack, with Holtz sayings cut from the front of the Sticker sheet as well. Always look at your packaging. Often there are treasures to be used! Its called 'Ephemera'!
More scrap paper playing around.
This one may end up being a gluebook page.
Thanks Pinterest for this timely advice

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Island Escape Leaf diecut

-The die cut leaf from this kit was just begging me to turn it over and use is as a stencil background on some of the paper.
-After I got done playing with the inks, I decided I wanted it to look more like a leaf I had just picked up of the rainforest floor.
I got out the Mod Podge
-Do one complete coat and let it soak in . This will happen quickly and you might want to lightly dry the back to stop the leaf from being too saturated.
-Then put another coat of Modge on and dry it to a tacky point with your heat gun.
- Gently start to shape it by moulding it over a curved surface. Place your solid object {I used the rounded side of my glue container}
- I started with the center crease folding it towards the center from the front side. Then did the individual leaves from the back, curving and drying as I went.

For the Title, I chose to go with a stencil
First I outlined it with a pencil, then used the India Ink in Black to fill in. This makes a nice solid background. Last I used the stickles to add the glitter. Remember with stickles, you have to work so you do not smear your stickles, and allow to dry for probably and hour. So, do it last!