Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Pocket Letter

This time using Graphic 45 'Ladies Diary'
I won this pack from the Creative Scrapbooker 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.
 As with most of my projects, I do the dry fits first.
These are a collection of ATC size cards that tell a story, or follow a theme.
This is it all cut up and placed in the plastic sleeve. I will be sending this to my partner. She will be sending me one as well. When I have it in hand, I will update with a photo HERE
 These are 8 mini Pocket letters about 4" x 4" each
Also from the Ladies Diary collection. I used those tiny cocktail umbrellas as embellishments. Loved the rice paper feel and the way they fit with the theme.

Thanks Pinterest for making me laugh!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fall Harvest


Still playing with the Fall Harvest Kit from Scrapendipiy
For this LO, I wanted the same paper on both sides, but so that the borders were on the outside edges. Because that would mean that one of the sides would then be upside down. I just did a bit of fussy cutting of the obvious upside down fairy on the left hand side of the flip. I cut it out, and then used pop dots and a dab of glue to make the right side up one 3D. Then I covered the hole with the 'perfect' tab.

I also cut the under layer of the main photo so that I could gain 3 fussy cut sunflowers to embellish the center photo.

For this layout, I pre fit the areas that would be covered. I lightly marked just under the matt, as well as where the bottom border would be.
Then I undercut all the full butterfly's I could get.
I stretch the kit value by doing this. 
I used them to make this butterfly's mounted to a tag. The tag was  small rectangle of chipboard. I used all the butterfly clipping scraps in a random glue down. Then I Mod Podged over the entire surface with 'glitter' modge. The I strategically placed butterfly's and used pop dots to 3D this layout as well.
On a side note, I love dates, today is 17th day of 2017...we will not cycle the 17-17's for another hundred years! Wonder where these pages will be then?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

 How about hanging your 'Heart' up for Valentines Day?
 This was an interesting project to do. The long and short was to take 6 of my favourite papers and make a six sided hanging heart. I used the Heart Shape doilies as my pattern. Cutting each paper heart just slightly smaller so the lacy edges would show. So I used 3 paper doilies and 3 heart cut outs. Then I folded them down the center and alternated gluing them together. NOTE: Make sure and place your string or ribbon for hanging in the spine, before your closing in the last heart.
Check out that little face!
I added a cut out key to one and a pop open heart to another. If you are sending this out, it will lay flat for posting, and you could add photos or personal sentiments to each heart. You can use any size heart shape, cut your own or use a punch or cutting machine. Make a banner? I used honeycomb paper for the heart. I made it blue for all the ones we have loved and lost,
 but not forgotten!
Just for fun! Thanks Pinterest

Friday, January 27, 2017

51 Shades of Grey

Thanks in no small part to Pinterest, Which I love, and a lot of work, and I mean A LOT! This is how I have been spending the lions share of my days recently.
We are lucky in our house to have a second kitchen.... that I have been meaning to renovate for a very long time. I was just waiting for the right inspiration to hit me. Well having my 'Happy Place' right beside this kitchen means that for me, the logical jump was to make it a coffee niche working kitchen and  art sink area. Here is the photo lineup on how that is evolving:
We bought an older home, so the walls and floors are not always level or even. This wall was such a mess after tear out, that I decided rather than patch it, I would make a feature wall out of it. This is the lathe work to help even up the surface. The drywall patches are for the tiles that will bank the sink and stove area.
For the feature wall, I am using new pine tongue and groove board. Using the vinegar and steel wool recipe, I applied that to the back of these boards, not the smooth front. On the pinterest samples, it was suppose to turn a lovely shade of grey. Enough said about that! So in the top photo is basically a time lapse of 4 boards. Left to right bare board, first swipe, 2 minutes in then final dry result.
They are a nice shade of 'brownish red' so they will have to be used as accent. Yeah successful pinterest adventurers. Perhaps it depends on how long you leave the steel wool in the vinegar, or the type of wood....Anyhow NAILED THAT ONE!
Seriously, I did not want a red wall, so I had to resort back to milk paint and other leftover, watered down paints from previous projects. This is a watered down white with the vinegar steel 'grey' ha ha ha on the edges.
Gray Milk paint-  Who knew grey could look so different...?

 Watered down dusty teal from the kitchen paint leftover.
Robin's Egg Milk paint, I had to layer this one several times to get it to pop with color, it just kept sinking in. Note the 'grey' edging on the bottom boards.
This is the lineup before installing it was a bit of a think game to work out a pattern that when completed would look random. But, not like a badly hung set of colored Christmas lights....I know you know what I mean.

The total foot print is small , the length of this wall is under 8 x 9 feet.
This is as far as I made it.
Still needing to be done to finish this wall
~cut board lengthwise to finish top and bottom
~sand all boards
~distress again with either white paint wash or dark- I haven't decided yet, but am leaning towards white wash
~seal wall with wax or clear coat
~get tile work done {I do have the tiles, off white 4 x 12 subway and edge trim}
~finish cleaning the double basin antique iron and porcelain sink you can see just in this photo. It is a real treasure, can't wait to have it as my art sink!
~ paint the freshly dry walled, walls and extended area
~install new light boxes for new lights
~finish ceiling, also using tongue and groove board. But in natural or real grey, not the previously mentioned 51st shade of grey.....
~decorate with some the Canadian Pickin finds  that I have been amassing
~place appliances
~install sink
~set the library back up {photos at a later date}
~Dust entire house down....should be spring by the time this is ready. No point in dusting now.

Bet you are tired from just reading that post! So in case you think I haven't had time for doing what I love to do, sometimes I go down and access the amount of work and veer off to the other rooms:
Adding the latest page from the Enchanted Harvest Kit Read more about that and purchase this and the newest kits  from Scrapendipity HERE

Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter Wishes 'WOLF'

I used Bo Bunny- Winter Wishes paper and Ephemera pack for this LO. I fussy cut the wood stacks paper to make more trees, to fill in the bottom of this LO. Then I used scraps to make the 'W' and 'F'. I also fussy cut the deer and positioned them. For extra touches I added glitter to their antlers as well as to the Wolf title.
I cut the birch tree paper apart. I gently shaped the tree's so that they have some dimension. Then I used double pop dots on the back before gluing them down.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Enchanted Harvest continues

This Kit came with one pack of Bo Bunny's  Ephemera 
I like to lay them all out and see what I have. In this one there were several tiny banner parts.

I picked a word...and mounted the letters from the sticker pack to each banner part. Now this is cute, but I think I would like to beef it up.
I cut three coordinating cardstock backgrounds for the letter tiles. This will add the dimension I want for the finished project. I hand trimmed the bottom of each tile to echo the banner shape I was working with. NOTE: Ink the edges of each tile at before continuing.
Here is a banner tip that you can translate to any banner. Lay your largest tile out on a ruler, this way your spacing will be perfect. You can tell right away if the finished banner will fit your page and adjust accordingly. I like to do things assembly style, so I added the foam pop dot squares to each letter piece {also in kit}
Next I chose a piece of jute to string my banner on. I marked the center above and on top of jute, so the positioning is easy.
Paying attention to the dots, I then used a regular staple gun to attach the next layer to the bottom and through the jute.
Everything is secure, so you can go ahead and add a dollop of glue right on top of the staple. The 'PPPS"  Position-Pinch-Punch-Staple through. Then layer center cardstock, pull the backing off your letters and secure. One more post on this marvelous kit will follow. So, you can see the finished layout. HINT: Sometimes I will fiddle with the embellishments before I even start the layout. That way when I go to assemble, the pieces only need to be secured to the background.
"I anticipate getting at least 10 layouts from this one Kit{purchased HERE} with extra left for ATC's and crossover projects. I will post them as I get them done at the bottom of this post, so check back soon!"
Thank's Pinterest for keeping us warm!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bo Bunny- Enchanted Harvest '1'

So, over the holiday's my DD gave me a gorgeous set of printed photos from a fall photo shoot a couple of years ago. {printing them is becoming rarer in our instant media age}
I used this kit Selena from Scrapendipity has assembled. Click to see this gorgeous 'Enchanted Harvest Kit'
I love a good kit, here is one small thing I do with double sided paper. I wanted a solid bottom to anchor the layout. So, using the rule of 3's I cut a piece off the bottom at 4 inches, then I flipped
It fits perfectly back together, and you can glue the UPC strip to the back join to hold it together. 

With heavily patterned paper, I will often save all the bits to fussy cut and then re assemble with glue dots and layering small bits under large to create an allusion of more layers.

'More layouts to come from this huge beautiful kit'